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Academic Development Programme (ADP)

Academic Development Programme (ADP)


The Academic Development Programme (ADP) has for over three decades represented UCT's central strategy for promoting equity in the student body. It has grown into a large department, with 44 academic and 12 administrative staff members. A core ADP function is to develop and run a range of Extended Curriculum Programmes (ECPs) and individual courses designed to foster the access, retention and success of students from educational backgrounds that have not sufficiently prepared them for university study. This work is undertaken in full collaboration with the faculties. Specialised teaching continues to be an important part of the work of many ADP staff, but in recent years, as the diversity of the student intake has grown, ADP has placed increasing emphasis on working with departments and faculties to design curricula and approaches that enhance the effectiveness and quality of educational provision for all students. While the emphasis of ADP’s work has so far been on undergraduate education, ADP staff, in collaboration with other CHED departments and the Office of the Director of Postgraduate Studies, have in the past couple of years expanded their involvement to postgraduate educational interventions.

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ADP’s operations fall into three main divisions:

Central ADP Office

Cross-faculty units and interventions

Faculty-based units


Academic Review of the Academic Development Programme and other documentation:
ADP Position Paper (2012)