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Research Report

CHED's research outputs reflect the diversity of academic development in contemporary South Africa, and the potential contribution of this work to a wider domain than the university alone. For example, the outputs range from software publications and online writing courses to more conventional journal articles, to research-based policy analysis and proposals directed to or commissioned by the Ministry of Education or other national higher-education bodies.

UCT's Annual Research Reports can be viewed at: In this year's Research Report we showcase four research projects that, in different ways, support CHED's mission of promoting equity of access, effectiveness of teaching and learning, and the enhancement of curriculum. The are: A new generation of university students: an investigation of changes and continuities

Researchers: A/Prof Rochelle Kapp; Moeain Arend; Dr Bongi Bangeni; Elmi Badenhorst; Dr Tracy Craig; Dr Busayo Ige; Dr Viki Janse van Rensburg; Dr Kate le Roux; Robert Prince; A/Prof June Pym; Judy Sacks(Research Assistant) and Dr Ermien van Pletzen

Large Classes Project

Researcher: A/Prof Jeff Jawitz(principal investigator)

Students' Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Identities

Researchers: A/Prof Laura Czerniewicz and Dr Cheryl Brown

Closing the skills gap in South Africa

Researchers: Glen Fisher and Prof Ian Scott

Fisher, G. and Scott, I. (2011). The Role of Higher Education in Closing the Skills Gap in South Africa. Background Paper 3 for the project ‘Closing the skills and technology gap in South Africa’. Washington D.C.: The World Bank. Reproduced on this website with the permission of the Pretoria Office of the World Bank.

Fisher_Higher Education role.pdf

The four projects can be viewed at:

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