SPARCO Contacts

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SPARCO Tanzanian Hub

Person Role email
Prof. Julie Makani Principal Investigator
Dr. Furahini Tluway Project Manager


SADaCC Contacts

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Person Role e-mail
Prof. Ambroise Wonkam Principal Investigator
Dr. Victoria Nembaware Project Manager

SADaCC Site Address:

4.25.1 Falmouth Building
UCT Faculty of Health Sciences
Anzio Road

Paediatric Surgery Web Meetings

Thu, 2017-12-07 13:39 -- 01435435

Dear Colleagues

Dr Karen Milford will be presenting “Acute Scrotum'' on 08 December 2017.   Dr Karen Milford is a Paediatric Surgery Registrar in Cape Town.

Best wishes

Alp Numanoglu

DATE: 08 December 2017
Time: 14:00 South African

1) Click on the link

2) When you are prompted during logging in, please choose "Enter as a guest" and write your name and surname, than click enter room.

IAS Mark Wainberg Fellowship Programme: Experts in HIV Service Delivery

Thu, 2017-12-07 13:11 -- 01435435

The Mark Wainberg Fellowship Programme, an initiative of the IAS Educational Fund, is aimed at contributing to improving the quality of HIV service delivery in resource-limited settings by providing two-year fellowships to five clinicians from sub-Saharan Africa, who will spend one year in Europe and one year in Africa at clinical institutions.