Collaborative Teaching Award

22 May 2015 - 11:30
UCT Collaborative Educational Practice Award
CEP Awardees, from left, Bruce Kloot, Trevor Cloete (Mechanical Engineering) and Tracy Craig and Pierre le Roux (ADP's ASPECT)


CHED's Tracy Craig and Pierre le Roux are among a group of four academics awarded the UCT Collaborative Educational Practice (CEP) Award.  The CEP Award is given to a group of two or more UCT staff members who have collaborated on a particular project to enhance teaching and learning. 

The group investigates educational issues related to Mechanical Engineering students’ difficulties with the course MEC2023F/S Dynamics, a challenging second year course requiring expertise in Physics and Mathematics.​ The  team comprises Tracy Craig and Pierre le Roux of the Academic Development Programme’s ASPECT unit, and Trevor Cloete and Bruce Kloot of EBE's Department of Mechanical Engineering. 

The CEP Award exists to recognise and promote collaborative approaches, to provide additional resources for groups of academics to innovate, and to assist in developing and articulating the research-led nature of the teaching and learning approaches employed. The team comprising the Dynamics Education Research Group bring together skills in Dynamics (TJC, PlR), Mathematics Education (TSC), Physics Education (PlR) and the sociology of education (BK).

Tracy wrote: "Together we achieve what would not be possible with only one of those sets of skills.  We are grateful to Professor Sandra Klopper and the Collaborative Educational Practice committee for recognising our work with this award.​"


Photo by: Kim van Zyl Photography