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CHED offers specialized educational services and functions that are essential to enable the faculties to meet UCT’s educational goals. Some of our key functions are listed here:

  • Careers Service: Aims to enchance the quality of UCT's graduates and help ensure they are equipped with the skills to fulfil their career ambitions.
  • First Year Experience: First Year Experience (FYE) at UCT aims to support first year students through their first year at university.
  • Global Citizenship: The UCT Global Citizenship: Leading for Social Justice Programme is a co-curricular programme providing students with an opportunity to engage critically with contemporary global debates and to reflect on issues of citizenship and social justice. 
  • New Academic Practitioners' Programme: A holistic programme of professional development for new lecturers at UCT.
  • National Benchmark Tests: A set of national tests that assess academic readiness of first year university students.
  • Postgraduate Support: Including Doctoral Retreat, Starting the PhD Journey; Writing Support; Careers Service; Vula collaboration and learning environment.
  • Recognition of prior learning: If you do not have the required formal educational qualifications specified by the degree in which you are interested, but you believe that your age, work and life experiences have provided you with equivalent levels of learning, you can enquire about applying for admission through the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) process. 
  • Stella Clark Teachers' Award: Each year, UCT students and staff are invited to nominate a teacher who is currently teaching in a secondary school and who, in their opinion, deserves recognition for years of dedicated teaching to students from educationally disadvantaged backgrounds.
  • Summer School: A public education programme that offers short courses, open to all regardless of educational qualifications.
  • Writing Centre: Provides a walk-in, one-on-one consultancy service for UCT students.