18 Nov 2016 - 13:30

At the recent launch of UCT’s Research and Innovation Report, Professor Danie Visser said that support for the Open Access movement should remain a focus for the research endeavour going forward. We wholeheartedly agree, and have been making a concerted effort to ensure that CHED’s research is made available via the university’s repository, OpenUCT.

Since the repository's handover to UCT Libraries in mid-2014, CHED has uploaded 483 items, 279 of which are classified as Research items, such as postprints of papers, theses, and conference papers, and the rest as Teaching and Learning materials, such as lecture notes or recordings, lecture slides, and graphics.

Last year, we reported on the popularity of CHED research output and teaching and learning materials on the repository. We looked how our items were performing and how many of them appeared in the repository’s “most downloaded” list.

This year, we’ve examined the performance and impact of all publications that CHED has uploaded to the repository so far. In the infographic below, we've highlighted the top three publications, in the Research category and in the Teaching and Learning category, which have had the most downloads:

(Click on the titles to view these items on OpenUCT.)