Call for Comment

13 Jan 2017 - 14:30

Last year’s student protests are still fresh in many people’s minds. A concrete opportunity has arisen to provide inputs directly to the Ministry of Higher Education by responding to the formal call for comment on the “blueprint proposals” developed in a report entitled, Call for Comment: ISFAP: Ikusasa Financial Student Aid Scheme | Report of the Ministerial Task Team to develop a Support and Funding Model for Poor and “Missing Middle” students) gazetted on 15 December 2016. 

The report contains proposals which could be adopted to fund academically eligible students from a household income of less than R600 000.

All public comments must be tabled formally and follow a process of deliberation. We encourage students, staff and interested parties to participate in the debate. It is open for public input and comment until 31 January 2017.

This is a call to come forward and share your views on the proposals developed.

Send comments in writing to:

The Director -General
Private Bag X174
for attention:
Mr GF Qonde
fax: 086 298 9717

Associate Professor and Dean of CHED, Suellen Shay, has written an article in response to the proposal:

'The success of the ISFAP depends on a “twin” investment strategy on the part of the state to remove both

financial and academic obstacles that prevent the best products of our public and private schooling from

successfully graduating.' Suellen Shay, Dean of CHED

Read the article in the Mail & Guardian.