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First-Year Student Guide

Off to a good start at the beginning of first year with the first year student guide.

In 2011, CHED  released the "Studying at University: A guide for first year students".  The publication, revised by Dr Catherine Hutchings and illustrated by Stacey Stent, aims to provide new students with the knowledge and skills required for coping with their studies and academic assignments at UCT.

The book includes assistance with healthy learning habits, successful learning strategies, making the most of lectures and other learning opportunities. In addition, it contains detailed advice about academic reading and writing tasks in the Humanities, with much of the advice being useful in other disciplines as well, and information on various resources for students at the University.

First-year students at UCT can download the guide via their faculty FYE VULA site or here.
For more information contact CHED, Tel: 021 650 2645.