Curriculum, Identity and Self-reflexivity

Presenters: Kathy Luckett and Shannon Morreira


Associate Professor Kathy Luckett is the Director of the Humanities Education Development Unit. She teaches on the Masters in Higher Education Studies. Her research interests are: sociology of knowledge and curriculum studies with a focus on the Humanities, Africana, decolonial and postcolonial studies, discourse analysis using systemic functional linguistics and research methods that apply social/ critical realism to educational evaluation.



Dr Shannon Morreira is a Senior Lecturer in the Humanities Education Development Unit where she teaches an introductory course in the social sciences.  An anthropologist by training, her research interests include the anthropology of knowledge;  decolonial studies; and the anthropology of human rights. Recent publications in the field of education include ‘Steps Towards Decolonial Education in South Africa? Epistemic Disobedience in the Humanities’ (Journal of African and Asian Studies, 2017); and, with Mbulu Madiba and Ellen Hurst, ‘Surfacing and Valuing Students Language Resources in an English Dominant University’ (Academic Biliteracies, 2017).


Seminar abstract

This presentation reports on findings from interviews with academics in Humanities on the call to decolonise the curriculum. Following on from issues raised therein, we discuss the role of identity in recontextualizing knowledge into curriculum content. This leads on to a discussion around the need for greater self-reflexivity by lecturers, particularly by those with hegemonic cultural capital. We conclude with a list of questions to prompt lecturers’ reflexivity when thinking about constructing a curriculum.


Wed, 29 Aug 2018 -
13:00 to 14:00

CHED Boardroom, 6th Floor, Hoerikwaggo Building, Upper Campus, North Lane.

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