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Academic Development Programme (ADP)

Faculty-based programmes

There are ADP staff and programmes in all UCT faculties. The most widely-used and successful ADP strategy for fostering access and success is the "extended curriculum" model, in which substantial foundational provision is articulated with the mainstream curriculum, resulting in a lengthened degree programme that allows educationally disadvantaged students to develop firm academic foundations. While educationally disadvantaged students continue to face substantial obstacles, ADP programmes have played a key role in enabling the growth of black student enrolment and graduation at UCT, and have achieved some highly encouraging successes. In recent years, for example, the majority of black (African) graduates in Science and Engineering have participated successfully in ADP programmes and courses.

Key contacts for faculty-based programmes

Dr June Pym
Tel: 021 650 3866
Fax: 021 650 4369

Dr Howard Pearce
Tel: 021 650 3866
Fax: 021 650 3241

Mr Pierre Le Roux
Tel:021 650 4241

Health Sciences
Dr Nadia Hartman
Tel: 021 406 6630
Fax: 021 447 8955

Ms Melanie Alperstein
Tel: 021 406 6669
Fax: 021 447 8955

Assoc Prof Saalih Allie
Tel: 021 650 3337
Fax: 021 650 3342/52

Assoc Prof Andy Buffler
Tel: 021 650 3339
Fax: 021 650 5045

Assoc Prof Bette Davidowitz

Dr Lesley Greenbaum
Tel: 021 650 3448
Fax: 021 650 5770

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