Summer School

UCT Summer School 2015

The annual runs for two weeks in January each year and is the largest public education programme of its kind in South Africa, regularly attracting around 3, 000 people.

This public education programme offers courses on a range of topics from arts, humanities and current issues to the physical and environmental sciences and aims to make specialised knowledge accessible to a wide audience, regardless of educational qualifications. These courses are for non-degree purposes and do not involve examinations or certification, though written or practical projects and reading may be required.

The programme is available from October each year on the Summer School website. The 66th annual Summer School will take place from Monday 18 January to Friday 29 January 2016.

The Summer School Extension programme was initiated in June 2014, with the specific aim of providing ad hoc public lectures, short-courses and other programmes to Cape Town’s adult learners throughout the year, outside of the regular two-week Summer School programme in January, and to make it possible for the public to engage with a range of topics such as philosophy, literature, astronomy, science and history.

The Extension Programme consists two of main programmes:
·    The Summer School Extension Lecture Programme (including our WW1 Lecture Series)
·    The Fine Minds Radio Lecture Series (in collaboration with Fine Music Radio)


Madosini at Summer School's celebratory concert