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The Vision of the Centre for Higher Education Development is to be a cross-faculty unit that contributes to continual improvement in the quality of higher education through widening access, promoting excellence through equity, developing the curriculum in partnership with faculties, enhancing the competence of graduates by ensuring the provision of key skills and abilities, and enabling systemic improvement through the research-led development of informed policy options.

CHED has been established at a time when UCT is undergoing unprecedented changes, and when difficult choices are required to ensure that the University is both effective and efficient. CHED's strategies are designed to contribute to the constant improvement in the quality of teaching and learning across all faculties, and to the development of policies for higher education that situate UCT to best advantage.

CHED's major goals include the following:

Together with CHED's established strengths, these new initiatives will enhance the extent and quality of the "added value" that the Centre can redistribute to the faculties and to the university as a whole.

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